A big and diverse family of Purr. Family members come and go but the most important are:
Chunk - The mother of all.
Graham - Very friendly girl with a great appetite.
Teeny Graham - her clone kid.
Baguette - Purr's cousin, likes to be close with everyone.
Bun and the black cats - mysterious wildlings with no need to acquire new friends.
Maciek - Runs the whole thing; you should not mess with him.
+ plenty of other cats

Purr's and Bobek's neighbour. He enjoys being petted and loves to eat cream sauce. Preferably - all the time. Some people call him fat but probably he is just big boned.


Poor creatures who would like to be cats too but something got messed up.
Tina - a bulky and smelly dachshund with a bottomless belly and a weird devotion to stones.
Short - a mix of a dachshund and a meerkat probably, considering his habit of sitting like one. He's got a dirty little mind.
Sloven - Monstrously big dog of no family and no home - at least till he found Short and his owners (not servants! shockingly!).

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