Some time ago (servant Adelaida should really make those picture stories faster!) I had an accident. It was very dramatic. One of my servants attacked me! I was so astounded at first that I thought that it's some kind of a joke or a mistake. But it wasn't, unfortunately.

There's no way of describing my pain but you still can try to imagine it, silly human. Here it goes:

A servant tried to assassinate my tail.

Uh, it was tough. Eight paws in the Paws' Scale of Paws. I have no idea how I could have coped with it if it wasn't for Purr's help and compassion. Now we need to look closer at that servant's behaviour - who knows what is she planning to do next?!


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  1. *message from a servant*
    The comic is in two pieces because Blogger didn't not allow to show such a long jpg file and was making it smaller without cats' permission.