Guest post: Snot - part 2

A cat's story in 3 parts.

Part 1 (click)
Part 2
Snacks and drinks the humans gave me were quite tasty, indeed. But it was not until later than the real fun began - I met my new friends. One of them looks quite similar to someone I have met before and is very friendly. The other one is old and wise and doesn't like to play too much, but I'm sure I will win her over in time!



Guest post: Snot - Part 1

A cat's story in 3 parts.

Part 1 

Some time ago, during a very pleasant sunny morning, I was sitting on a tall birch contemplating. Then, a couple of bicycle riders rode right past my tree. I was in such a good mood that I've decided to start a small talk. Small talks are good for humans :) However, I had some problems going back on the ground, pretty shameful. But with the humans' cheering I managed to do it after a while. The humans were so amazed with my climbing abilities that they invited me for a snack and drink - so nice of them.

Visit at their home is another story though!



A gift for Milla

And here goes the last birthday giveaway gift :) My servant has made a good job with it!

Hope Milla will like it too!



The birthday giveaway winners!

It was hard to decide who should win three fabulous birthday pictures. Each one of us thought differently but, since it was my birthday, my paw vote was deciding.

Picture of me goes to..
Cody Cat and Oliver (together with Heather Nelson)

Picture of my friend Bobek goes to...
Laima Birgiel

And picture of Teddy Cat goes to...
Charlotte Cheng

There is a special prize for Milla the Cat (and Mary Wells)! Milla has send me a photo of her together with birthday wishes - it was so kind of her. My servant is in the process of creating an extra gift for her - I will show it to you when it's finished :)

Congratulations to all the winners! Next birthday in November! :D



Mr. Hamster and me

It's good to have someone to talk to when servants are not around. And Mr. Hamster is the best companion you can get.

My servant made this silly illustration. It's quite ridiculous. How Mr. Hamster is supposed to eat that cat treat? He is not a cat. And his mouth is too small. Eh, those silly humans.

Recently I've been going through photos from my kittenhood and just look what I found!

I think that Mr. Hamster was Hamster Junior back then.

Right now Mr. Hamster is staying with Purr and Bobek. I've hear that he has lost his eyes, nose and ears in some battles but otherwise he's feeling just fine. My friends are taking good care of him.

Teddy Cat