Gift dress

Some time ago I spotted something beautifully shimmering hanging on my closet. It was incredible - light blue, lilac almost, with a soft and smooth surface. I have never seen anything like that before. When I took a closer look it appeared to me that it's a dress! And it's just for me! Someone has hung it here for me to find, it surely was a gift from one of my secret admirers. I touched the material - it was like heaven - clouds in my paws, almost leaking through my claws. I could not help it; I just had to dive into it! And it was AMAZING! After a while my servant came and took the dress away to store it for the next time I'm in the mood for a bit of heaven and to hide it from all jealous residents of my home. Now I just can't wait!



  1. Dear Bobek, I had a similar experience when a very handsome cat (that looked exactly like me) came from our closet to visit. I touched his fine cold nose but I could not seem to get to the rest of him! He was very shiny and seemed to have another room exactly like mine. When we got frantic trying to scratch our way to one another my servant somehow picked up his whole room and hid it in the closet. I hope he comes to visit again soon.

    1. I also have a cat living in my mansion. Firstly, I was scared of him but after a while it appeared he was harmless and just stared at me all the time. Now I try to ignore him since he's no fun at all. But I don't understand why my servant goes into his room and plays with him! It's a bit like treason, I must say...